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Chronology - Done?

This is for me and anybody else who needs it, a time-line of some important events to get some idea of what Steph knows, what you know about Steph, etc.

  • December: Jason Todd's death (Batman #426)
  • August: First appearance of Spoiler, first meeting with Tim (Detective Comics #647-649)
  • February: Spoiler starts hanging out with Robin (Robin #3)
  • February: Team-up with Conner Hawke!Green Arrow (Robin #25)
  • February: Spoiler teams up with the Teen Titans (Teen Titans v2 #17)
  • May: Spoiler teams up with Huntress (Spoiler/Huntress: Blunt Trauma)
  • August: This is presumably the date when Steph's mom stops being a drug addict.
  • August: Spoiler and Robin start dating (Robin #56)
  • August: Spoiler first starts working with Young Justice (JLA: World Without Grownups #1)
  • September: Stephanie meets and starts training with Dinah (Robin 80-Page Giant)
  • April: Secret tries to kill Spoiler (Young Justice #30)
  • April: Stephanie learns Robin's real name, meets Alfred (Robin #87)
  • May: Spoiler meets Batgirl (Robin #88)
  • December: Stephanie and Cassandra become friends, meets Oracle (Batgirl #21)
  • January: First known interaction with Nightwing (The Last Laugh #6)
  • March: Dinah lets Steph hang out with the Birds of Prey (Birds of Prey #39)
  • April: Dinah kicks Arthur out of Steph's house (Birds of Prey #40)
  • June: Steph appears to have met Tim's Step-mom (Robin #101)
  • July: Dinah stops training Steph (Birds of Prey #43)
  • January: First meeting with Selina (Batman Family #2)
  • February: Steph tells Tim that her father is dead (Robin #109)
  • May: Cass and Steph fight about Steph being a vigilante (Batgirl #38)
  • May: Steph tricks Dinah into leading her to Nygma (Robin #112)
  • June: Steph beats the crap out of Nygma (Robin #113)
  • Tim is forced to quit (Robin #125)
  • July: Steph is made Robin (Robin #126)
  • August: Steph and Cass make up (Batgirl #53)
  • August: Current Canon Point
  • September: Girl Wonder meets Super Boy (Teen Titans #13)
  • September: Stephanie is fired (Robin #128)
  • October: The War Games are set into motion (Batman: The 12 Cent Adventure #1)
  • December: Stephanie is killed by Black Mask fakes her death (Batman #633)
  • Jason Todd comes back to life

Note: If you would like me to look into your character's important dates, I'd be happy to add them, just comment here.