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[ profile] the_devils_see Illustrated Guide - The Unillustrated Version

The Illustrated Newcomer's Guide to Surviving Horror Island

(By Stephanie Brown)

Horror Island

[ To the north are ruins, illustrated with a doodle of what might be a broken boat and submarine. The label here reads 'ruins!' Below that is a square with a cross in it. The label reads 'Graveyard'. A squiggle cuts off a round piece of the island on the east side. Inside is a label with a skull and crossbones that reads 'Forest'. There's a squiggle-bordered box inside the forest that reads 'hot springs'. Off the island to the east is a series of different shaped circles, labeled with another skull and crossbones that read 'Cliff!' Near the center of the island and to the west of the forest is a little circle labeled 'Town'. Small circles indicate a path west to the edge of the island cut off by a zigzag line. Within this line and in the south-west corner of the island is a little box with the label 'you are probably here'. A river cuts the island in half, ending on the south end in a delta also labeled with a skull and crossbones, but no title. ]

This is the island. (Image not to scale)
These are some of the horrors you might face on a daily basis:

Location: Forest
Mostly nocturnal
Watch out for talons
Will eat dead bodies
[ A creature like a bat with a gorilla's head and legs says 'Ahooool!' ]

Location: The wind?
Come in 3's
Don't let them knock you down!
[ The drawing titled 1 shows some strange long animal (a weasel) coming out of the sky and knocking down a poorly drawn but very upset person. Drawing 2 shows the same creature with either a popsicle or a butcher's knife looming over the person, who has lines drawn across their legs now. Drawin 3 shows the creature much smaller, offering something to the sad person who still has lines on their legs but is standing up now. It may or may not be a band-aid. ]

Location: Everywhere
Mischievous but nice, enjoy soccer
[ The drawing shows a poorly drawn asian style umbrella with a human looking leg instead of a handle. The umbrella has one eye and a mouth with a tongue sticking out. ]

Location: Forest
Look closely at roots to identify from normal trees
[ There is a normal looking tree, an arrow pointing to a tree that appears to be creeping along mischievously, and another arrow pointing to a tree with tentacles that appears to have grabbed two people and may be licking one of them with a crazed expression on its face. The speech bubble says 'mmmm blood!' There is a question mark next to the final drawing. ]

Location: Your doorstep
All we know is
[ Three figures that look like snowmen made out of two snowballs have black circles in the middle of their 'heads'. This perhaps indicates that the figures are hooded. Sound effects read 'knock knock'. ]

Location: Rivers
Friendly unless hungry
watch out for tusks and teeth
[ This creature has an elephant snout and ears, tusks, a wide mouth full of sharp teeth, and a scaly body with small, clawed front and hind legs. The tail tapers off in a show of poor artistry, but is meant to be a lizard tail. ]

Location: Mostly Forest, could be anywhere
Will definitely eat you.
[ A rather cute drawing of a baby says 'waaa!' An arrow points to a less cute baby standing up. It has reptilian slit angry eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth. ]

If you see a creature that is not listed here and it is not able to convince you that it has arrived on the island the same way you did, please let someone know as soon as possible. If you are not trained, do not attempt to take these monsters on alone.

Other horrors you might face on a less regular basis include (but are not limited to):
Mermaids with claws, giant sea serpents, ghosts, ghosts disguised as someone you know, creepy dolls, giant man-eating worms, velociraptors.
If you need help and are not able to access a computer or radio, scream as loud as you can. If you're lucky, someone will find you and help you.

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