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Contact Me!

This is the place to let me know anything you want to let me know! Requests for CR, questions, plotting, anything at all, just drop a line. Anon-enabled just in case you want it to be :)

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Just a quick question; are you interested in having Steph move in with the KH kids again?

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Pssh sure! I love you KH losers. Steph would be offended if you kicked her out D:

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I'd never think of kicking her out mixing KH and DC is way too much fun for that! I just wanted to know so that I can give the rest of the muns heads up and then start working on more details of their house since it's now four people there (Three girl and a Riku; at some point he might start feeling a little at disadvantage. XD;)

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They will gang up and do your hair. Besides Steph doesn't actually sleep at night. Maybe this would be a good opportunity to make some expansions? Hahaha, whatever works out, I guess!

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Oh boy they really would, wouldn't they? XD; Ffffh Riku doesn't sleep much at night either, perhaps we should plot something with that?.

I kinda thought so too, so I've put up a post ( now for bedroom sign ups, ooc discussion, ect!
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[personal profile] danno_williams 2012-02-11 02:37 am (UTC)(link)
Ha, I knew I read that someone in Sweven was from New Jersey.

Danno and Steph need to bond or something.

Just saw you mention it in the post with Duo and went haaaah.