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Beginning of Robin v2 127

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C&C post



Backtagging: I do it literally forever until I either lose a notif or get epic writer's block
Threadhopping: But of course! Just try to stay organized @_@
Fourthwalling: Perfectly acceptable, but please keep in mind that most people have no clue that there was ever a girl Robin. If your character is a super comics nerd, by all means! If you aren't sure, just ask.
Offensive subjects: If I start to have problems, I'll add to this, but I really can't think of anything that needs saying.


Hugging this character: Unless you're in the middle of the fight and a hug might look like an attack, there is no problem here.
Kissing this character: You can try, but she'll stand up for herself if she doesn't want to kiss you. Possibly with a brick in your face.
Flirting with this character: No problems here!
Fighting with this character: Perfectly fine. You may want to discuss it with me if you're concerned about godmodding, but Steph's designed for fighting.
Killing this character: Um, please don't.
Sex/Rape?: Absolutely no rape. No. Never. No. Sex, on the other hand, is fine. She's had a kid, she can handle a little sex.
Using telepathy or mind-reading abilities on this character: Absolutely! She doesn't know most people's secret identities. If you could just ignore Tim's, though, that would be great. For more details, just send me a message.
Relationships: Not likely to work, but you're welcome to try.
Anything that shouldn’t be mentioned near this character? Nothing I can think of!
Anything else? Steph is, at this canon point, the weakest member of the Bat Family. I just ask that you keep in mind that a) this doesn't mean she's incapable of taking care of herself, and b) there are certain situations I want to keep her out of because I don't want her hurt so badly that it'll negatively affect her character. And please, anything you're uncertain about at all, just send me a message on my contact post. I'm almost always around.