selfmadehero: ([Steph] Rehydrating)
Stephanie Brown ([personal profile] selfmadehero) wrote2011-03-19 01:42 pm

Second Adventure

[ Voice ]

So I've got the survival thing down pat. I think I may actually be able to keep myself alive for an extended period of time, not to mention clean because some wonderful God-like being loves me and decided I deserved running water.

And I know things have been crazy lately, so I've got this wooden plank here just in case the walls come crashing in on us because I said this and I need to knock on wood, but...

I'm kind of bored.

Um, Ace, was it? You said you wanted to share stories with your brothers. You still up for that? I can hunt around and see if we can find some s'more fixins, make a campfire, we could make an evening out of it.

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