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Stephanie Brown
DC Comics
Beginning of Robin v2 127

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Player Information
Your Nickname: Alex(is)
OOC Journal: [personal profile] flamingchemist
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Email/IM: flamingchemist at aol dot com
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Character Information
Name: Stephanie Brown
Name of Canon: DC Comics
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: The Devils See
Reference: Everything you ever wanted to know about Stephanie Brown and more.
Canon Point: Robin v2 #127

Canon –
The Robin comics (and almost every other comic involving a Bat of any kind) take place with the modern-gothic city of Gotham, New Jersey, in the years in which they were published (in general). Depending who you ask, the city itself is rather like a dramatized New York. Stephanie has spent most of her developmental years in the suburbs. For the most part the action of the comics takes place in the city proper.

Gotham Downtown is a booming population center, full of towering skyscrapers, convenient fire escapes, rampant pollution, and a particularly filthy looking dock. It is generally accepted fact in Gotham that crime is everywhere, the police are corrupt, and the politicians are either corrupt, stupid, or both. There is no shortage of speeches being made about “curing Gotham” of one plague or another. Whether the plague in question involves pollution, corruption, crime, or just dirty hobos depends on the speaker and what they’re asking for money for.

The most notable thing about Gotham as compared to the New Jersey that we know is the abnormally large vigilante population. In Stephanie’s universe Superheroes are not uncommon. Aliens fly through Metropolis in brightly colored capes stopping other aliens from decimating the population, metahumans run through Central and Keystone City stopping bank robberies in seconds. Such vigilante heroes aren’t limited to America or even our present era – they have been around as long as the human race in every country in the world, and even some places that aren’t on any map. They patrol space and time and the multiverse itself. But everyone seems to agree that Gotham has really a very large number of vigilantes. Even more surprising? None of Gotham’s native heroes have superpowers.

The generally accepted protocol in Stephanie’s World is as follows: A city unpatrolled will likely attract some manner of hero. This city becomes that hero’s ‘territory’ unless someone comes along to usurp them. Batman was not the first vigilante to patrol Gotham City, but he was the first in quite some time. From the moment he first put on the mask and stopped the Joker from poisoning the entire city’s water supply, Batman has been the Head Honcho of Gotham City, and woe to anyone who thinks they can do a better job.

For a long time he was the only hero in Gotham, facing off against an inordinate number of psychopathic criminals in a variety of bizarre costumes with a frightening array of other mental disorders. But then one day Batman decided he didn’t like being so alone. And thus, Robin was born. (And by born, I of course mean his parents were killed and he was taken in by a billionare playboy philanthropist with some questionable hobbies.)

From that day on, the vigilante population in Gotham has grown. But nobody operates in Gotham for long or very successfully without Batman’s blessing, or at least his incessant stalking.

The Devils See-
There is an island somewhere off the coast of Japan. The island has no name. It’s not on any map, because nobody has ever found this island and come back to tell about it. It lies in the middle of a region of ocean known to those nearby as “The Devil’s Sea”. Ships tend to sink in this region, communications lost, planes fall out of the sky. This is an island protected by a very powerful and very malevolent force.

Victims of this unnamed island’s pull find themselves suddenly and without warning drowning, miles away from wherever it was they intended to be a moment ago. Those who manage to pull themselves out of the water and onto the shore have only secured their continued existence temporarily Those who fail and wash ashore already dead are quickly devoured as the island is populated with an assortment of monsters and mythical creatures, almost all of whom are hungry for flesh and blood.

The island itself seems mostly tropical. A large forest hides an old-fashioned bathhouse as well as creeping tree-beings and howling monkey-monsters. In the center of town are temples and old japanese and chinese style houses, standing alongside a surprisingly modern hospital and an old half-ruined library. The shore is littered with bodies and ruined old boats from seemingly every area. But the strangest thing about the anachronistic island are the big square desktop computers litering the island from shore to forest, all running with no obvious power source.

Survival is a team effort on the island, and a constant concern. Occassionally food and other supplies will wash up on shore, but they will disappear just as easily. And most importantly, nowhere is safe.

Stephanie is independent, impulsive, and stubborn to the core. She’s been through a lot in her short life, but despite everything she is very much determined to be the maker of her own destiny. She is constantly moving forward and refuses to let her past follow her, much less weigh her down.

It takes a certain type of person to be a vigilante, especially with no proper training, no gear, and barely enough money to buy ‘spy stuff’ from Radio Shack. Some might call the decision stupid. Most, actually, already have. It was also incredibly courageous. Stephanie has never been short of bravery. She stands up to her criminal father, to armed thugs, even possibly the scariest person in Gotham City: Batman. She never backs down, no matter who it is trying to intimidate her.

Of course, this courage comes with an overconfident impulsiveness that makes Steph a bit of a trouble magnet. She proclaims herself to be a “punch first, ask questions later” sort of girl who dives into the fray with little more than a cursory glance around to see what’s going on. Stephanie knows what she wants, and although she may not always know the best way to get it she never hesitates to go after it.

She’s also incredibly stubborn. We see this when she decides to be a vigilante despite an outpouring of disapproval and again when she sticks by Robin and eventually convinces him that he’s into her. A lot of the things she does are very bad ideas, but no matter the possible consequences Steph will always see a thing through to the end. In the future, this stubbornness as well as her stubborn independence will get her in so much trouble that she will fake her own death just to escape, but for now it gives her the strength to fight crime in an unforgiving city under unforgiving circumstances without the tiniest hope of thanks.

For most people, independence of the caliber that Stephanie is possessed of would be a good thing. In Stephanie, it’s mostly just dangerous. She wants to fight crime, but she refuses to be under Batman’s thumb, which puts her in dangerous situations. Although she won’t refuse help when it comes along (usually) she isn’t the type to go seeking it unless the situation is truly dire. She has the general mindset that these are her problems, and she has to be the one to take care of them. If she can’t, it’s probably because it’s either hopeless or she isn’t good enough. Not being good enough doesn’t make Stephanie hopeless though, it only makes her try harder.

In fact, despite her generally pessimistic outlook on life, Stephanie can be very energetic and excitable. She’s a very emotionally driven person, which can be both a weakness and strength in battle. Outside of battle, it makes her a very colorful person. Steph commits herself so fully to whatever she’s doing or thinking at the moment that every ounce of her emotion shows on her face and often in her actions. When Batman allows her to be Robin, she spends the next several panels doing a little victory dance in the background with no regard for professionalism and no need to hide her excitement. On the other hand, when things go south she shows the same candor. After her father died she shouted at her mother, kicked a table over, even almost cursed before being censored by the next panel of the comic. Stephanie keeps a lot of secrets and tells a lot of lies, but she can rarely keep her true feelings hidden.

Morally, she lives in something of a light gray zone. Having been raised by a degenerate junkie and an abusive criminal, her outlook on life is a little grim. She doesn’t expect much good from people, and although it enrages her she rarely seems truly shocked when someone lets her down. This causes her to jump to conclusions sometimes when it appears as though the truth might be coming out as something darker than she thought, but it works well enough as a defense mechanism. She gave up on her father long before he died, so when he came back ‘reformed’ only to start committing crimes again it wouldn’t hurt her.

This poor outlook means that Stephanie isn’t quite as optimistic or altruistic as one might hope. In fact, it takes a little while for Robin to drill in to her head the idea that simply not saving someone was as good as killing them. A hero’s job is to save lives, not to judge whose life is worth saving. She also has the tendency to use a bit of excessive force, although for someone of her size this usually isn’t dangerous. But despite these moral shortcomings, Stephanie is at her core a good person. She fights crime because she wants to help. Sure, chasing the adorable Boy Wonder and proving herself to Batman may be contributing factors, but at the end of the day she doesn’t get much else out of it. She gets no thanks and a whole lot of bruises, but still she tries to help as much as she can, and certainly much more than the average person would bother with.

Stephanie's independence and driven determination lead her to always try to do things on her own first. Despite this, she isn't conceited enough to think that she can do the impossible. Although she does not yet know where her limits are, she can tell when somebody is able to help her achieve something greater. This is why she works with Robin (along with the motivation of her being utterly smitten with him) and why she offers to be Batman's sidekick when Tim leaves.

For most of her youth (that we see), Stephanie's actions appear to be motivated by her relationships. Later in her life she admits that while she was Spoiler she was either trying to prove herself or chasing after "some boy". This is certainly easy to see when we consider that, at the beginning of their relationship, every time Tim asked Steph why she was hanging around or why she would do this or that, her response was something along the lines of "if that's what it takes to get you to notice me." Although she would never admit it, part of this fixation on boys might stem from her horrible relationship with her parents, her father especially.

Her father was almost always in jail, and when he wasn't he was making Stephanie and her mother's lives miserable. Her mother dealt with this abuse by drowning her sorrows in pills and in one flashback copious amounts of alcohol. She may be too tough to admit it, but Stephanie longs for meaningful companionship from people who aren't trying to hurt her. She seeks it from Robin because he's "safe", a good boy who's too shy to try to pressure her, and from Batman because he's the hero who brought her father to justice time and time again. That makes him her hero.

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitation Suggestions:
Stephanie is a self-made vigilante. From the very beginning she made her own costume, improvised her own gear, and trained herself. She’s the independent sort who can do just about anything she sets her mind to, and more than likely would prefer to do it on her own, thank you very much.

This self-determination has forced Steph to be a quick learner, especially when it comes to physical abilities, because if she doesn’t learn and adapt she could very easily be killed. When she really decides she will learn a skill, she generally learns it and excels at it.

As a gymnast, she’s very flexible and quick, which makes up for her relative lack of physical strength compared to the other Bats. She has a certain grace when she fights, and she never stops moving.

Steph’s biggest strength is her indomitable spirit. For all of the terrible things she has been through, she has pulled through and come out the other end all the stronger for it. Traumas that could have easily destroyed her only made her more determined to continue fighting the good fight.

Her biggest weakness is her impulsiveness and overconfidence, both of which tend to get her deep in trouble.

She has speed and agility to make up for her size, and the physical and martial arts training to make her a viable match for most small-time thugs. She knows how to use most of the bat-gear, which includes having decent aim with awkwardly shaped projectiles. Her aim has improved a lot with training from associates in the Devil’s Sea.

She has no special abilities that need to be limited.

Stephanie would come into the game with her utility belt, stocked with birdarangs (glorified boomerangs), a grapnel gun, a few (very) low grade explosives in the shape of colorful marbles, smoke bombs, de-cell wires with birdarangs on the end, compact first aid supplies. Her Robin uniform will be pretty badly battered and hand-stitched back into shape.

Stephanie is 5’5”, with shoulder length, wavy blonde hair, blue-grey eyes, and the body of a gymnast.
Age: 17

OC/AU Justification
If AU, How is Your Version Different From Canon, and How Will That Come Across?
Stephanie washed ashore on an island somewhere in Asia, where technology was anachronistic and impossible at best (See Setting – The Devil’s Sea). When she first arrived, drowned and confused, Batman and a few others were there with her. Her training as Robin continued even as she discovered that some temporal displacement had estranged her from her friends. For a while she struggled with the knowledge that everyone she knew was ahead of her in the time stream and she felt like a stranger even amongst friends.

Once Batman disappeared, though, Stephanie was forced to take things into her own hands. The monthly attacks by all sorts of horrors quickly made her a survivor. Befriending everyone (and every umbrella) she could and spying on everyone else, Stephanie's skills developed in a relatively short amount of time. She made her presence known to the public and asked those on the island more skilled than her to help her with her training. This is the point I will be taking her from, around 4 months into her time on the island.

In this time Steph managed to develop a few choice survival skills. She learned how to trust people and still be able to turn around and kick them in the face if they turned out to be an enemy. In fact, she learned to turn around and fight just about anything that appeared to be threatening at the moment. While she was able to make friends and enjoy herself, she couldn’t truly trust anyone as long as she was trapped on this island that kept turning people against each other.

Of course the island itself wasn’t responsible for all of the mistrust. So many people from her world were present in the beginning of her time on the island, and they all came to an agreement to keep everything they possibly could from her. Coming from her boyfriend and at-the-time love-of-her-life, this infuriated Stephanie. The presence of countless physical dangers included bred a lot of bitterness in Steph, and she became rather volatile and in general even more violent than she already was at the canon point from which she was taken.

Her impulsiveness turned quickly on the island into a determination to protect everyone she could, even in dreams. Once Batman left, Stephanie took a sort of personal charge of the island. She was by no means looked to as a primary protector or source of support, but she took it upon herself to take up the role anyway.

Over time, despite her determination to remain her usual cheerful self, it became obvious that Stephanie had grown a bit more serious in her time on the island. Her friends describe her as business-like even when she’s trying to have fun. She still made jokes and had fun, but she was constantly under the strain of survival in a harsh environment that allowed little respite.

If OC, Did You Run Your Character Through a Mary-Sue Litmus Test? N/A
And What Did You Score? N/A

Log Sample:

Food, water, shelter. Pain aside, those were the first thoughts that ran through Steph’s head when she found herself quite suddenly thrust into a place entirely different from where she had been before. It was brighter, for one, and there didn’t seem to be any water. Whether that was good or bad for her remained to be seen. Then there was a chime overhead and a voice, and she was full on the alert. Throughout the rest of the process she behaved rather like a cat that had just been dumped in the bathtub. It took quite a bit of struggling before it fully sank in that she wasn’t being attacked.

By the time she was one the train-thingie to Kurz-whatever, she had calmed down considerably. She had been fully healed and rather violently cleaned, based on the smell, neither of which she could really protest to considering her recent living conditions. Once it became clear that her tour guide wasn’t going to make for any friendly conversation, she sat quietly observing her surroundings and thinking intently.

The last thing she remembered was wandering through the woods. It was entirely possible that she had stumbled upon some something in there, as seemed to happen often. Obviously it wasn’t a true escape, though. So what was it? Another game for another ungodly set of beings? Or just an illusion? The level of technology seemed to suggest an era ahead of her own and decades ahead of the island’s. It didn’t fit with the pattern. So maybe it was something else entirely. Maybe it was exactly what it claimed to be.

All she knew for sure was that she didn’t trust it.

The first thing she did once she was released to go about her business was find a clean set of clothes. These were set aside as she took the longest, hottest shower she could justify. Considering how long it had been since she had been able to take a clean, heated shower, this was rather long and rather hot. She debated for quite some time whether or not she should just pass out in the stall and call it a day.

As much as Stephanie wanted to sleep, it was far more important that she start getting the swing of things. That meant talking to people, asking questions, and generally staying far more awake than she wanted to be. At least the shower had left her refreshed, feeling more like herself than she had in months. And whatever this place decided to throw at her, she knew she was ready for it.

Network Sample:

And here I thought drowning was a horrible way to start the day. Shows what I know. I mean, this is a nice place and all? But somebody needs to put some mattresses down on the landing pad.

[ The young blonde on screen is freshly showered, but otherwise looks utterly exhausted. She lets out a long breath and grins. ]

So! I’m Steph. And as much as I'd love to know everything there is to know about this place, I have three very important questions that have to come first. One, is there coffee? Two, is it drinkable? And three, where can I get some?
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The Illustrated Newcomer's Guide to Surviving Horror Island

(By Stephanie Brown)

Cut for length. )

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19th-Mar-2011 01:42 pm - Second Adventure
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[ Voice ]

So I've got the survival thing down pat. I think I may actually be able to keep myself alive for an extended period of time, not to mention clean because some wonderful God-like being loves me and decided I deserved running water.

And I know things have been crazy lately, so I've got this wooden plank here just in case the walls come crashing in on us because I said this and I need to knock on wood, but...

I'm kind of bored.

Um, Ace, was it? You said you wanted to share stories with your brothers. You still up for that? I can hunt around and see if we can find some s'more fixins, make a campfire, we could make an evening out of it.
20th-Feb-2011 11:52 am - First Adventure
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[ Voice ]

Hello? [ Pause... ] Geez Steph, what are you doing, it's not a freaking telephone.

I'm a little lost. I think... I must have made a wrong turn or something, I'm not supposed to be here. I don't even recognize the place since the quake... Am I even in Gotham anymore? I found this note, "Use this", and I just don't remember falling down a rabbit hole. This isn't going to make me shrink, is it? [ She's joking, of course, but it is rather reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. ]

So what exactly am I supposed to be 'using' this thingie for? Anybody?

[ooc | You may have noticed Robin putzing around, due to poor decision-making on Steph's part. Somebody told her new arrivals come every week, so she decided to wait at least that long to reveal herself as a civilian. She's pretending she's from back when the earthquake hit and Gotham was basically destroyed to explain her appearance after not taking a proper shower for several days, because back then they were holed up in the high school. For several days. ENJOY. ]
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